JB Presents His Show of Tomorrow (1968)

JB Presents His Show of Tomorrow (1968)

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  1. That's Life(James Brown)
  2. Tears Of Joy(Vicki Anderson)
  3. I'll Work It Out(James Crawford)
  4. If You Love Me(Marva Whitney)
  5. Funky Soul #1 Pt.1(Bobby Byrd)
  6. Which Way Should I Turn(Hank Ballard)
  7. Please Please Please (James Brown)
  8. What Kind Of Man(Marva Whitney)
  9. Funky Soul #1 Pt.2(Bobby Byrd)
  10. Stone Fox(James Crawford)
  11. If You Want Give Me What I Want(Vicki Anderson)
  12. Funky Soul Train(Hank Ballard)
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